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The Hangover 2: Casting Call April 25, 2010

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Hey Wolf Pack…..

I found out that Warner Bros. is going to be filim The Hangover 2 pretty soon and they are looking for extras.  Basically, they are finding extras who are over the age 18 years old and that can play a high schooler.  The auditions are super easy.  You don’t even need to be in Hollywood to try out for the movie.  All you have to do is visit this website to audition.  Check it out and I wish you guys all luck!  And if you meet the other wolf pack….take a picture for me!  That would be sooo awesome.  By the way, auditions in to be in my May 1st.  Sorry for the short notice…….Good Luck!


One Response to “The Hangover 2: Casting Call”

  1. please tell me if I have room to be in this movie

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