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TUF new Coaches May 8, 2010

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On, they announced the new season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) coaches.

First coach is announced is George St. Pierre (GSP)!  Yes….he is a great fighter and super hot!  But I don’t quite understand what he says most of the time, but I don’t care.  We will see if he is a good coach.  In my opinion, the best coach on TUF, hands down, Tito Ortiz.  Say what you may, but he is really involved with the team and genuinely  wants to help all the fighters.  Plus, any good coach knows that cardio is key.

Josh Koscheck

Paul Daley

Tonight’s UFC 113:  The fight against Koscheck and Daley will determine who will be not only coaching on TUF, but will be fighting against GSP for the the Welterweight belt.  Check out my pervious blog on my predictions on this fight.  In a way, Koscheck could make a full circle if he wins, because he first started out in TUF season 1.  Only time will tell who will the next The Ultimiate Fighter season 12 coach.


UFC 113: Who will win?

Reminder:  UFC 113 today!  Check your local pay-per-view listings.  As usually, Hawaii, fights starts at 4-4:30pm.

Here is the official fight card:

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida  vs  Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

6′ 1″ (185 cm)                                      6’1″ (185 cm)

205 (93 kg)                                          205 (93 kg)

16-0-0                                                   18-4-0

My prediction:  It is the year of the dragon!  Lyoto Machida all the way.  But honestly, I wouldn’t be that upset if Rua won either.  Both are really good fighters and both deserve a win.

Josh “Kos” Koscheck  vs  Paul “Semtex” Daley

5′ 10″ (178 cm)                    5’9″ (175 cm)

170 (77 kg)                           170 (77 kg)

16-4-0                                    23-8-2

My prediction:  Paul Daley.  I don’t like Koscheck because of his attitude, but he is a tough fighter.  Probably, Koscheck is the front runner to win this fight, but Daley has the potential to win.  If not, this won’t be the last time we will see Paul Daley….that I can guarantee.

Sam “Hands of Stone” Stout  vs.  Jeremy “Lil’ Heathen”  Stephens

5′ 9″ (175 cm)                                    5’9″ (175 cm)

155 (70 kg)                                        155 (70 kg)

16-5-1                                                 17-5-0

My prediction:  This is a tough one. I’m putting all my faith into Sam Stout.

Kimbo Slice  vs  Matt Mitrione

6′ 2″ (188 cm)    6’3″ (191 cm)

215 (98 kg)         265 (120 kg)

4-1-0                    1-0-0

My prediction:  Man, oh, man….this fight I’m more excited about than the Machida/Rua.  I’m going to give it to Kimbo Slice, because of more experience in the ring.  Don’t get me wrong, Meathead (Mitrione) totally impress me on the TUF.  He is a strong fighter, but Slice has more heart.  This fight could go either way, but for sure it won’t go all three round.  I think Meathead’s lack of ring experience might bite him in the ass in the big bad octagon.

Patrick “The Predator” Cote  vs.  Alan “The Talent” Belcher

5′ 11″ (180 cm)                                 6’2″ (188 cm)

185 (84 kg)                                       185 (84 kg)

14-5-0                                                14-5-0

My prediction:  Cote!  It’s very rare to have almost identical stats.  Even tho, Belcher has a longer reach, I feel the Cote is a much better fighter.  (I hope I don’t have to eat those words later on tonite.)

Be safe….good luck!  And I want to know what your predictions are going to be!


UFC 114 Update! April 29, 2010

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Finally, UFC youtube released a small hype clip for the upcoming UFC 114.  I agree…it’s a very hyped up fight, but I’m lovin’ in!  I can’t wait!!!!!

So tell me….who do you thin will win….Evans or Rampage?


Whoa, Tito blows the lid! April 26, 2010

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Wasn’t expecting that….per Tito Ortiz’s attorney claims the reason why they were auguring about before the cops where called was because of Jameson’s drug addiction to Oxycontin.  AKA:  Hillbilly Heroin!  Story is still developing on TMZ.

Let the mud slinging begin!


UFC 114!

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**The video above is not the official trailer to UFC 114.  UFC website has yet to post a video up, but there are running promos on t.v**

Fight Card:

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs Rashad “Suga” Evans

Forrest Griffin vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Michael “The Count” Bisping vs Dan Miller

Todd Duffee vs Mike Russow

Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez vs John “The Hitman” Hathaway

Amir Sadollah vs Dong “Stun Gun” Hyun Kim

Efrain “Hencho en Mexico” Escudero vs Dan “The Upgrade” Lauzon

Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard vs Thiago Tavares

Luiz “Banha” Cane vs Cyrille Diabate

Aaron Riley vs Joe “The South Side Strangler” Brammer

Jess “Kid Hercules” Forbes vs Ryan Jensen


Tsk, tsk, Tito Ortiz hitting Jenna Jameson

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This morning (around 9:30am PST) cops were called to the Ortiz/Jameson house for a “disturbance”.  Next thing we know, Tito Ortiz, UFC fighter, was arrested for Domestic Violence.

Jenna Jameson, who has two kids with Ortiz, has visible injuries per the police officers on the scene.  The medical report stated that her injuries are torn ligament in her right arm.  As of right now, Ortiz and Jameson is no longer together. Jameson put a restraining order against Ortiz, and she is not allowed to see him for a month.  Jameson claimes that this is the first time Ortiz has ever “lashed out” on her.  (Yah, right…..)  Luckily, the kids were not harmed during this time.

Jameson will be pressing charges against Tito Ortiz.  This story in development.  I will update as it’s happening.

Jameson is willing to work things out with Ortiz, but she doesn’t want a relationship with him.  She wants her kids to be able to still see their father.

Shortly after Ortiz was arrested, UFC President Dana White released a comment about the whole situation and Ortiz’s future with the UFC.  If proven of domestic violence, Dana White will revoke Ortiz’s contract with the UFC.  White said, “We’re gonna be fair, but we could cut him.”  White and UFC organization can take action before the legal processing, but I believe they are waiting until they get the full story.  “Other than going on a killing spree, being accused of domestic violence is the worst thing you can have going for you,” White says.

So…what’s the future with the upcoming rematch with Ortiz and Liddell? Currently, these two UFC fighters are coaching future MMA fighter on a reality show called The Ultimate Fighter.  Although, taping for the show has already wrapped up, there is still the coaches fighting that all the fans really look forward too. I guess only time will tell.

Let’s be honest, these two (Ortiz and White) has had a volatile relationship, but together they make each other a lot of money.  It is in the best interest for White to terminate Ortiz, if it is proven that domestic violence was involved.  I have this weird feeling that the ratings for the Ultimate Fighter will sky rocket with this incident.  How do they say it…..good or bad publicity, it’s still publicity!

My thoughts and prayers goes to the Jamesons’ and Ortiz’s family durning this hard and stressful time.


Brawlin’ at Strikeforce April 18, 2010

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What should’ve been a joyful moment for Jake Shields last night (04/17/2010) over his win against Dan Henderson.  Instead it turned into an embarrassing moment for Shields, Strikeforce, and the CBS network.

Jake Shields

After his winning against Dan Henderson, Shields was giving his post-fight interview LIVE on t.v., when Jason “Mayhem” Miller decided to interrupt him to ask for a rematch.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller

It is still up in the air if Mayhem was allowed to ask for a rematch or if he acted in his own cognizance.  Either way, shame on Strikeforce for letting this happen on NATIONAL LIVE TV!!!!!  Whatever Mayhem said made Shields made.  Shortly after a fight broke out between everybody on stage, which included Mayhem, Shields, and the Diaz Brothers.

Nick Diaz

Nate Diaz

As soon as the fight broke out, Strikeforce went into a commercial.   Shields made a statement about the brawl and although he apologizes for his reaction, but blamed his adrenaline for his reaction.  You must be wondering why were Nate and Nick Diaz doing inside the octagon..well, Shields trains with the Diaz brothers and often times you will see all of them together at each others fights.

A brawl in the octagon after a fight is very rare in the MMA scene.  I can’t remember a time where I saw a brawl during a UFC event.  And mainly because Dana White, owner and President of UFC, makes sure nothing like that happens.  And if that does….oh boy, you can kiss that six/seven figure contract good-bye.  Shame on Strikeforce for not having more control of the situation.  Great, you just have shown America that MMA is nothing, but a barbaric sport.  Shortly after the fight broke out, Dana White tweeted this on his twitter account.

If you can’t see that, its a happy face- : ).  There is a million words to that smiley face, but only Dana White can explain what that means.  To be honest, this smiley face could be unrelated to the Strikeforce Brawl, but I doubt it.

Here is a little insight what happened…..

Nick Diaz’s post interview after the Brawl.

Strikeforce Brawl

Only time will tell if CBS network will reprimand Strikeforce.  Or if Stikeforce will reprimand their fighters.  Maybe the bigger question is…will Jason “Mayhem” Miller get his rematch against Jake Shields?