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Hell Week May 2, 2010

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Hey everybody…’s hell week aka F-I-N-A-L-S.  For those who don’t know, I’m still in college….trying to get that nursing degree.  Anyways, I might be M.I.A for about a week or two.  PLEASE forgive me, I’m sorry.

But after finals is done, I’ll be on Summer vacation for about two weeks before summer school starts!  When that happens, expect tons and tons of reviews, rants, and pictures!!!!!!

With that said, I hope you guys continue to visit my website….please keep those comments and questions coming.  I will make time to write back.  With that said…I’ll see ya guys laters!


Better Marriage Blanket

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No ways…first it was the Snuggie, now this!  This is too much!  Who is going to pay 3 payments of $ 39.95 for this.  LOL.


I got Lei’d! May 1, 2010

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Aloha!  Happy May Day!  Every May 1st, we, the locals, love to celebrate this great tradition.  This tradition is to celebrate the Lei, which are flowers strunged together to make a circle.  We use leis for all different occasions, like graduations, weddings, funerals, birthdays, someone coming home, etc.

May Day (also known as Lei Day) started back in the 1920s by Don Blanding and we continue that great tradition. It’s a huge deal now….every school on the island holds a May Day Program, where we there is a re-enactment of the Monarchy and hula dancing!  It’s a big deal here, many parents will take off from work to come down to watch the May Day program.  Also, all over the island we will have parades to celebrate this one day!

It’s not the flower we are celebrating, but the meaning it holds behind it.  When I receive a lei, I’m instantly happy.  I feel special!  Since you guys make me happy, I want to show my Aloha with you guys….so here is a lei from me to you!  Enjoy!


What…is it Spring or Summer?!?

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Living in Hawaii, sometimes I wish we had changing weather like the Mainland does.  I find Fall and Spring on the Mainland beautiful and breath-taking.  I love how the leaves change color as the year goes by.  Unfortunately, In Hawaii the only way we can judge which season we are on is by how big the surf is at the North Shore.  For example, during the winter North Shore beaches are raging with huge 20+ waves, but during the summer North Shores is flatter than Kate Hudson’s chest.

North Shore

Barrel is up!

I was doing laundry a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this beautiful flower in my backyard.  My mother, who has a green thumb, planted this back during the winter.  This totally caught me off guarded…..when did it turn Spring?…..I felt that 2010 is passing me by.  I really had to take a picture of this flower to remind me that I should ……stop and enjoy what’s going around me.

Tell me, what do you guys do to relax and “smell the roses”?


Stressin’ & Ragin’ April 28, 2010

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There is only one more week of school.  I should be happy, right?  Nope…I’m pretty stressed out!  I have a group project, public speaking project, work, essays, and FINALS.  Yups, the dreaded F-I-N-A-L-S.  Ugh, I’ve been told that I need to relieve my stress in some way, if not, I could get really sick.  I’ve been doing this stress reliever for awhile now and it really works.  I just wanted to share with you my technique.

Haha, I’m kiddin’!  Honestly, I live in Hawaii…, I just go to the beach!

I did find a picture that sums up what I’m stressin’ about……

Minus the Peer Pressures….Anyways, I just wanted to vent a little bit….well, I didn’t really vent anything.  But I do feel much better right now.  Hey, it could be worst….I could be this guy…..

Muahahaha.  So….what do you do to make your stress go away?


Update….coming next! April 26, 2010

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Here is my FAILED attempt  on trying to be like Tyra Banks in America Next top Model.  I’m still having a hard to smiling with my eyes.  LOL.

Anyways….just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be doing a video on my April favorite products!  Yah, aren’t you excited!!!!  So, be on the look out for that!

This summer, I am determined to get back into my fighting weight.  I’m about 20 pounds over my weight limit!  So, with that said, I’m going to start my diet.  Duh-dun-duh!!!  Yikes.  So, weekly, I’ll be blogging or vloggin…depends how I feel, about my experience on my diet.  Cross your fingers!  I have a feeling…this time, I can drop the weight.

Well, I gotta go to bed….gotta wake up early for work and school.  Till then….muah…xoxoxo, Jen!


Tsk, tsk, Tito Ortiz hitting Jenna Jameson

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This morning (around 9:30am PST) cops were called to the Ortiz/Jameson house for a “disturbance”.  Next thing we know, Tito Ortiz, UFC fighter, was arrested for Domestic Violence.

Jenna Jameson, who has two kids with Ortiz, has visible injuries per the police officers on the scene.  The medical report stated that her injuries are torn ligament in her right arm.  As of right now, Ortiz and Jameson is no longer together. Jameson put a restraining order against Ortiz, and she is not allowed to see him for a month.  Jameson claimes that this is the first time Ortiz has ever “lashed out” on her.  (Yah, right…..)  Luckily, the kids were not harmed during this time.

Jameson will be pressing charges against Tito Ortiz.  This story in development.  I will update as it’s happening.

Jameson is willing to work things out with Ortiz, but she doesn’t want a relationship with him.  She wants her kids to be able to still see their father.

Shortly after Ortiz was arrested, UFC President Dana White released a comment about the whole situation and Ortiz’s future with the UFC.  If proven of domestic violence, Dana White will revoke Ortiz’s contract with the UFC.  White said, “We’re gonna be fair, but we could cut him.”  White and UFC organization can take action before the legal processing, but I believe they are waiting until they get the full story.  “Other than going on a killing spree, being accused of domestic violence is the worst thing you can have going for you,” White says.

So…what’s the future with the upcoming rematch with Ortiz and Liddell? Currently, these two UFC fighters are coaching future MMA fighter on a reality show called The Ultimate Fighter.  Although, taping for the show has already wrapped up, there is still the coaches fighting that all the fans really look forward too. I guess only time will tell.

Let’s be honest, these two (Ortiz and White) has had a volatile relationship, but together they make each other a lot of money.  It is in the best interest for White to terminate Ortiz, if it is proven that domestic violence was involved.  I have this weird feeling that the ratings for the Ultimate Fighter will sky rocket with this incident.  How do they say it…..good or bad publicity, it’s still publicity!

My thoughts and prayers goes to the Jamesons’ and Ortiz’s family durning this hard and stressful time.