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Real Men Dance! April 13, 2010

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This is for my home-girl, H.  She read my review on TUF and she was shocked to see a familiar face on there.  She was talking about none then Chuck Liddell!!!!

I don’t know about you…..but I love it when a man can be confident enough to take his girl out on the dance floor.  Guys these days, are not down with that.  So… my eyes, not only is Liddell a good fighter, but also a real man.  For all you guys that are laughing about it……think about this…..

Guys who can shake it on the dance floor has no problem shaking it in bed.  ‘Nuff said!  This one is for you, H!

This post is just a mini-tribute to my friend, H.

And all you haters and trolls out there….here is a picture for you!

I kid, I kid

Take it easy!


Top Gear: The Stig for President! April 11, 2010

Last week, I wrote about Veronica Mars, which is one of my all-time favorite tv show.  This week’s tv show is…Top Gear!  Top Gear is a weekly show on the BBC.  If it weren’t for two best friends, Erik and Nani, I would never have the great opportunity to watch this high-octane show.  Shout out to my hommies!

Clarkson, May, Hammond

The stars in this show (besides the great cars) is really these three guys: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James “Captain Slow” May.  This show is filled with fast-paced and stunt-filled motor sequence that tests whether cars, both mundane and extraordinary, live up to their manufacturers’ claims.

The Stig

And we can’t forget about The Stig, who is label by the show as a “tame racing driver”, primary reason on the show are to post power lap times in various cars around the Top Gear Test Track in Dunsfold Park.  The Stig has no interaction with anybody during the show, nor does he ever take off his helmet.  The identity of the character is a closely guarded secret and the BBC does not comment or speculation as to who or what the Stig is.  The show went through great lengths to keep the identity of the Stig a secret, they even included intentional hoaxes, by staging Michael Schumacher, a seven-time Formula One world Champion, to dress up and pretend to be the Stig in one of the Top Gear episodes.

The show has a great mix of a Michael-Bay-blow-them-up style with a dash of comedy, but at the same time informing the public about cars.

In every episode, a celebrity guest is trained and timed a race around the track in the “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car.”  Amongst the celebrity in the UK, it has become a sort of competition to see who can beat who.  The most famous rivalry is between, Chef Gordon Ramsay, American Idol Simon Cowell, and Chef Jamie Oliver.  I find it entertaining to watch the celebrities, like Director Guy Ritchie, Actor Dame Helen Mirren, and Singer James Blunt, to name a few.

Reasonably-Priced Car

Top Gear Race Track (inside the yellow line)

I have no clue about cars.  I can’t tell you the difference between a Aston Martin Vanquish and a BMW Z4 sDrive35i, but the pure humor between Hammond, May, Clarkson, and the Stig keeps me entertained!  Check it out!


Am I TUF enough for Ortiz and Liddell?

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What’s up, everybody!

I received a request to do weekly updates on the reality tv show called The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) on Spike TV.  If you have never seen TUF before, it’s kinda like American Idol.  Instead of singing, they are fighting every week.  Oh, just to let you know, there is no voting for your favorite, either.  Here is the trailer:

There are two parts to this show.  The first part is the hungry fighters trying to get a contract with UFC and their stories on why they want to be a fighter.  All the fighters live in a sweet mansion in Vegas.  Sometime, the house resembles a “fraternity” feel to it.  But the real drama is between the two UFC coaches Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell.  I love it when coaches hate each other……let’s just say, the fighters are like pizza and the coaches are a nice full body beer!  I love the drama and the sarcastic banter between the two all-star UFC fighters.

TUF is on every Wednesdays at 7pm Hawaii-time.  Please check your local listings.  The good thing about Spike is that they replay TUF at least once or twice that night.

Unfortunately, UFC website has not issued out the season 11 cast picture yet.  In a couple of days, I’ll be putting an update of all the fighters in TUF.  Originally, I was not planning on covering this show, so I won’t be writing a low-down on the past two episodes that just pasted.  Like always, I’ll do my best to from here on out!

If you want to see all the latest on TUF or the past episodes or this season or all the previous seasons check out their website:

Before I go, if you want to me do any reviews (it can be anything, beer, food, make up, movies, etc.), let me know…comment below or email me at  Or if you just want to say “Hi”, that cool too!  I’ll check you guys laters!


UFC 112 Reminder!!!! April 9, 2010

Hey Folks…..

Just a friendly reminder for all the Hawai’i peeps!  UFC 112 live showing will be at 7am.  I’ve heard (in Oahu) that a couple of bars will be open at 7am to show UFC 112.  If you are not crazy about watching a fight at 7am like I am, pay per view will be re-showing the fight again at 10am, 4pm (pre game at 3pm), and 7pm.

Fight Card:

Main Event:

Middleweight Championship:

Anderson”The Spider” Silva  vs  Demian Maia

Silva:  6’2″ Fight record:  25-4-0

Maia:  6’0″  Fight record:  12-1-0

Prediction:  Anderson Silva

Lightweight Championship

Bj “The Prodigy” Penn  vs  Frankie “The Answer” Edgar

Penn:  5’9″ Fight record:  15-5-1

Edgar:  5’6″  Fight record:  11-1-0

Prediction:  Bj Penn

Matt Hughes vs Renzo Gracie

Hughes:  5’9″ Fight record:  44-7-0

Gracie:  5’10”  Fight record:  13-6-1

Prediction:  I had a really hard time on this one…..hum….I really respect The Gracie Family tremendously.   So, I’m going to go with Renzo Gracie.

Terry Etim vs Rafael Dos Anjos

Etim:  6’1″ Fight record:  14-3-0

Dos Anjos:  5’9″ Fight record: 13-4-0

Prediction:  Terry Etim

Kendall “Da Spyder” Grove vs Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz

Grove:  6’6″ Fight record:  13-6-0

Munoz: 6’0″ Fight record: 7-1-0

Predictions:  Honestly, I’ve never seen Munoz fight before Or maybe I have, but I can’t remember him.  But gotta go with my Hawaiian boy…..Kendall Grove.  You know…Maui boys are da bomb!

Let me know what you prediction are…….comment below.

I hope you guys be safe tomorrow…..and take it easy.  Aloha!


Veronica Mars is NOT dead?!? April 7, 2010

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**Cue Music** “A long time ago, we used to be friends…..”  Rob Thomas, writer and creator, announced earlier today that the Veronica Mars movie is still very much alive.  Many people have speculated that Thomas had given up on the project due to the lack of support in the film industry.  To everybody (meaning the fans) surprise Thomas has reassured all the Veronica Mars’ fans that he has not giving up on the project.  Yah!!!!  Unfortunately, Thomas was not forth-coming if there is even a script written yet.  So, as of right now the status on the Veronica case is yet to be determined.  At one point actress Kristen Bell, who played Veronica Mars, stated that Thomas was done with the script, but Thomas slammed that rumor down this morning.  Which makes me speculate that the script is no where near done or he is just psychin’ us out.

Veronica Mars takes place in a fictional town called Neptune, California, where the rich and powerful citizens live in the 909090 zip code.  Or otherwise known as the 09ers.  As a 09er, they knew money can buy you anything.  Unfortunately, Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) does not live in the 909090 zip code, not even close to that area.  Veronica Mars a smart, fearless 17 year old apprentice private investigator tackles some of the town’s toughest mysteries, which makes her quite unpopular with many of the 09ers.  But it wasn’t always like that, Veronica used to be one of the most popular girls in school, until her best friend, Lilly Kane (Amanda Seyfried), was murdered.  Her father, then-Sheriff Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), accused Mr. and Mrs. Celeste and Jake Kane (Lisa Thornhill, Kyle Secor) of killing her.  The town of Neptune erupted with angered towards that Mars family.  After the accusation, Keith lost his job as Sheriff.  Veronica’s mother and Keith’s wife, Lianne (Corrine Bohrner) left town without telling anybody where she went.  Veronica’s boyfriend, her first love and Lily’s brother, Duncan Kane (Teddy Dunn) broke up with her.  But the Mars’ are very determined family.  Keith started a private investigator business, where Veronica is a part-time secretary/junior investigator.  Despite being a strong girl, Veronica was very distraught over Lily’s death and vowed to find her killer no matter what.  Justice will be served!

There you go….a short introduction to the first season.   The series ran for three seasons, which followed Veronica from High School to College.  I’m really excited to hear about the movie project!  Although, I am apprehensive on the direction of the movie.  Even tho, I love Veronica Mars, the third season was kinda….Meh.  I felt season 1 and 2 was filled with more cliff-hangers and the love triangle between Veronica, Logan (Jason Dohring), and Duncan was amazing.

The third season was missing a lot of those components.  Unlike the t.v. show Lost, Rob Thomas does answer all major story-line (by season two, we find out who killed Lily).  And there was no love triangle what-so-ever.  But just same roller coaster ride between Logan and Veronica, which kinda got old after awhile.  I lost that passion at yelling at the t.v. for Logan and Veronica to get back together.

Rob Thomas is a talent writer and a smart man.  I’m sure he understand the pressure to deliver a good movie.  I’m just hoping he is not going to do what he tried to do on the failed season 4 (which never got picked up), where Veronica starts training at the FBI school.  For me, we would need the whole cast back, even Lily (as a ghost, which she does make many appearances in the first and second season) for some kind of class reunion.  Or somebody dies or gets framed for a crime at Neptune, which forces her to go back and investigate.

I guess only time will tell what will happen!  I suggest everybody checking out Veronica Mars!  It’s a great show, all the critics agreed, but for some odd reason people were not interested in it.  I don’t understand why….unlike those other shows at the time (ie:  The OC, Gilmore Girls, etc.), it was much better!  Very clever writing and story-lines were awesome!  Well, check it out and see for yourself.


UFC 112 UPDATE! April 6, 2010

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Hey Guys!!!  Sorry for late update, but I didn’t have internet for couple of days at home.  Plus, it’s finals time at school… you know how it goes.  Anyways, I wish I could’ve informed you sooner….for Hawai’i Peeps:  UFC 112 will be shown at 7 am.  Yups, I did type A.M.  Nope it’s not supposed to be P.M…well, let me take that back.  So, the live showing will be at 7 am Hawaii standard time.  After that they will replay it at 10 am, 4 pm (but pre-game starts at 3 pm.  Not too sure if they are going to show the under card for free on Spike, like on UFC 111.  If anybody knows…comment below.), and last showing will be at 7 pm.

Well…of course check your local bars….yada yada yada!  And I’ll see you guys laters.  Take it easy!


Adidas: Star Wars Collection March 31, 2010

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Hands down……Adidas makes the best t.v. commercials.  Dope commercial + dope shoes= Adidas Always….you can’t go wrong.