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What’s eatin ya? May 1, 2010

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Sooo….sorry, I didn’t write yesterday.  I felt really wiped out for some odd reason.  I hope I’m not catching a cold…that would suck.

Anyways…here is what I ate for lunch yesterday….

I had a Arizona Vapor water (apparently it has electroloytes in it.  Meh, it tasted good and it was only a dollar at 7-11), PB and J sandwich on whole wheat bread  and fresh fruits!  Yummmmmmm!  Oh, I was at work, so don’t mind the paper cutter….ugh, I should’ve moved that thing, but I wasn’t really thinking when I took the picture.

And here is what I’m eating right now…. string cheese and a fuji apple.  Not the best snack in the world, but the most filling.  Alright….I’m editing my April Winnas and Losas (winners and losers) right now.  So, it will be posted later tonight.  I warn you….I don’t look too good in the video and man, it’s hard to do a video….I give those Youtube gurus some props, man.


I got Lei’d!

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Aloha!  Happy May Day!  Every May 1st, we, the locals, love to celebrate this great tradition.  This tradition is to celebrate the Lei, which are flowers strunged together to make a circle.  We use leis for all different occasions, like graduations, weddings, funerals, birthdays, someone coming home, etc.

May Day (also known as Lei Day) started back in the 1920s by Don Blanding and we continue that great tradition. It’s a huge deal now….every school on the island holds a May Day Program, where we there is a re-enactment of the Monarchy and hula dancing!  It’s a big deal here, many parents will take off from work to come down to watch the May Day program.  Also, all over the island we will have parades to celebrate this one day!

It’s not the flower we are celebrating, but the meaning it holds behind it.  When I receive a lei, I’m instantly happy.  I feel special!  Since you guys make me happy, I want to show my Aloha with you guys….so here is a lei from me to you!  Enjoy!


What…is it Spring or Summer?!?

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Living in Hawaii, sometimes I wish we had changing weather like the Mainland does.  I find Fall and Spring on the Mainland beautiful and breath-taking.  I love how the leaves change color as the year goes by.  Unfortunately, In Hawaii the only way we can judge which season we are on is by how big the surf is at the North Shore.  For example, during the winter North Shore beaches are raging with huge 20+ waves, but during the summer North Shores is flatter than Kate Hudson’s chest.

North Shore

Barrel is up!

I was doing laundry a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this beautiful flower in my backyard.  My mother, who has a green thumb, planted this back during the winter.  This totally caught me off guarded…..when did it turn Spring?…..I felt that 2010 is passing me by.  I really had to take a picture of this flower to remind me that I should ……stop and enjoy what’s going around me.

Tell me, what do you guys do to relax and “smell the roses”?


D-I-E….T Chapter 2: Carbs: The Truth April 29, 2010

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Chapter 2:  The Truth:  goes into talking about Carbs.  At first I thought they were going to say….cut out all carbs….CARBS ARE EVIL….YOUR EVIL FOR EATING CARBS….YOU WILL GO GO HELL IF YOU EAT CARBS….well, you get what I’m saying.

Instead they are saying to eat complex carbs instead of simple carbs.

Simple Carbs (STAY AWAY):

  • White flour
  • white pasta (durum semolina)
  • white rice
  • white sugar

Complex Carbs:

  • potatoes
  • yams
  • sweet potatoes
  • barley
  • corn
  • brown rice
  • beans
  • hummus
  • lentils
  • quinoa (KEEN-wa)
  • millet
  • Pasta made from brown rice
  • whole wheat
  • vegetables

The one thing I do notice they stress in Chapter 1 and 2 is that they advocate eating and drinking products that are organic.  Which I totally agree, you want to put good things in your body.  I don’t know how I can afford organic foods on a college student paycheck, but I’ll try my best.

There are a lot of people who believes that fruits are evil because they are in the “carbs” category.  Alrighty, here is what the book says:  EAT ALL THE FRUIT YOU WANT.  THE MORE THE BETTER.  But they did give a great tip about avoiding being bloated, burping, and heartburn after eating fruit.  They suggested that you only eat fruit on an empty stomach, first meal of the day, and wait 30 mins before eating anything else.

When you eat a fruit on an empty stomach, the fruit can be easily digestible and quickly pass through your body.  If you eat fruits with other foods, the fruit has a harder time passing through the stomach.  So, it starts to rot and ferment….aka bloat!

Basically, chapter 2 is all about eating organic complex (good) carbs and fruits.  Stay away from the simple (bad) carbs with all your might!  Simple enough right…….!

Alrighty tomrrow…Day 2 plan:  Continue to drink water.  Stay away from bad carbs….go with the good carbs.  In general, eat fruits…because I don’t really eat fruits.  Today, I had an Fuji apple, which was very very delicious.  Come to think about it….I’m going to have some fruit right now.  I don’t care if I get bloated, I’m going to bed pretty soon anyways.

Alrighty, Day 1 is over….I feel good.  I’m excited!  I’ll see ya tomorrow…..up coming Chapter 3!


Day 1: Lunch

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After coming home from school, I decided to share with you what I had for lunch.  With this diet, I am taking baby step.  Currently, I cut out all intake of sodas/juices.  Here I am with my Pepe La Pew cup of water.  All day I’ve been drinking water and I’ve been to the bathroom….five or six times, which is a lot compared to when I drank soda.  So far so good.

I found this chicken sammie in the fridge.  I think it’s one of those burgers you buy frozen at Costco.  I know, I know….that’s not diet food, but I’m taking baby steps right now.  I don’t want to go cold turkey….the sammie was good, but I think it was because I was really really hungry.  After that I had a little snacky snack.

That’s my snack of the day….Nori a.k.a:  dried seaweed.  This is the perfect snack.  It’s a little salty and has a Shoyu (soy sauce for non-japanese peeps) flavor.  Very crunchy and very delicious.

Each package comes with four strips of Nori.  To me, they are like Lays Potato Chips, you just can’t eat one.  One serving (12 sheets) is only 10 calories. Zero from fat.  OH my Oh my!

Anyways…….I’ll be back later for Chapter 2…keep on nom nomin’.


UFC 114 Update!

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Finally, UFC youtube released a small hype clip for the upcoming UFC 114.  I agree…it’s a very hyped up fight, but I’m lovin’ in!  I can’t wait!!!!!

So tell me….who do you thin will win….Evans or Rampage?


Skinny Bitch-Chapter 1 April 28, 2010

Chapter 1:  Give It Up!

Wow, Skinny B-I-T-C-H is right.  The writers, Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin, don’t hold back, which is kinda refreshing.  I like the no BS approach to this book.  Basically it’s tell you to stop the following:

  1. Smoking
  2. Eating “bad junk food”
  3. Coffee
  4. Beer/other types of liquor
  5. regular and diet sodas
  6. Over the Counter Medications

And they break it down to you (medically and chemically) about how those six things has a bad effects onto your body.  They are very “in your face” about things…..let’s just say, they use colorful language…lol.

Like I said, I am not bothered by this type of language, I use it myself.  But I just found it odd to see it in a book that is a self-help book. So far, I like the book.  Out of the six things, I am only addicted to two of those, which are junk food and soda.  Right now it’s 11:10 pm (Hawaii-Time), so once it hits midnight, I will consider it DAY 1 of Die….t.

Here is my last meal….man this photo is not doing it’s justice.  Well, it’s homemade mac ‘n cheese.  I figure its only fittin’ to have a high carb meal.  Now if I was on deathrow, this would NOT be my last meal.  That would be a whole buffet of my favorite foods! ^_^

Anyways… I stop drink sodas and juices.  From this point on, I will only drink water…..I wonder if I can drink flavored water…hummmmm, maybe if I am craving something sweet.  But that’s only if I can’t handle the craving.  That sounds like a good deal!

This is my current food pyramid.  Homer Simpson has donuts, I have cupcakes.  I’ve never meet a cupcake I didn’t like!

Changed to this…FDA approved food pyramid.

I found this interesting.  The book has not talked about exercise yet.  That’s in the next chapter.  But I thought this was pretty interesting.  At first I’m going to start doing cardio….ugh, hate it, but I have to do it.  Then I’ll build from there.  (FYI:  these photos/pyramids are not from the book.  I just simply googled them.  Ahhhh, what do we ever do before google…..I wonder.)

Well you guys, wish me luck….I love it if you guys could leave comments to motivate me!  That would sooo great!

**FTC: All products mentioned and used in this blog were purchased by me with my own money, I have no affiliation with any of these companies.  I am not getting paid to do this blog and these are my honest opinions.