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TUF new Coaches May 8, 2010

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On, they announced the new season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) coaches.

First coach is announced is George St. Pierre (GSP)!  Yes….he is a great fighter and super hot!  But I don’t quite understand what he says most of the time, but I don’t care.  We will see if he is a good coach.  In my opinion, the best coach on TUF, hands down, Tito Ortiz.  Say what you may, but he is really involved with the team and genuinely  wants to help all the fighters.  Plus, any good coach knows that cardio is key.

Josh Koscheck

Paul Daley

Tonight’s UFC 113:  The fight against Koscheck and Daley will determine who will be not only coaching on TUF, but will be fighting against GSP for the the Welterweight belt.  Check out my pervious blog on my predictions on this fight.  In a way, Koscheck could make a full circle if he wins, because he first started out in TUF season 1.  Only time will tell who will the next The Ultimiate Fighter season 12 coach.


TUF: Episode 3 Brad Tavares vs James Hammortree April 14, 2010

Right off the bat, the episode starts off with an elimination!

Chris Camozzi was eliminated from TUF.  In an earlier episode, Camozzi was complaining about a toothache.  He thought maybe in his previous fight, a filling had fallen out.  Upon a closer examination with the doctor, Camozzi suffered a hair-line fracture on his jaw.  Dana White, owner and President of UFC and TUF, thought it was the best interest to pull him out of competition.  Everybody, including his coach, Tito Ortiz, was all in shocked.  Since Camozzi is out, that means Ortiz can bring back a pervious fighter who did not make it into the competition.

Seth Beczynski is now back and ready to go!  Lucky guy!  Let’ s hope he makes it this time around.

Nick Ring

Jamie Yager

Yager and Ring, on Team Ortiz, was doing some warm up sparring.  Then a fight broke up between the two of them.  Apparently, Yager was hitting to hard and called Ring a “Bitch.”  Tito Ortiz, coach, had to step in and break up the two.  Yager (pronounced as Jagar) is frustrated with everybody “sandbaging during warm up”.  Ring is pissed at Yager, because of the foul language to another team mate.  I side with Ring on this one.  Take it easy Yager.  It’s easy to get carried away during light sparring, I have.  Just man up…say your sorry and more on.  You will look like the better man. During this time Ortiz had an inspirational speech about being a team player…”who are you going to train with, if there is no one around.”

The fight of the night was announced by Chuck Liddell.  Since his team won last fight, Liddell has control over this fight.  He chose from Team Liddell, Brad Tavares (Local boy from Hilo, Hawaii) vs Team Ortiz, James Hammortree.

James Hammortree

Brad Tavares

The fights are 5 minute-2 rounds.  If its a draw, there will be a sudden victory match.

1st round:  Tavares comes out with a couple of good leg kicks.  Both have pretty good pace.  After Tavares came in with a couple of punches at the 4:17 minute mark Hammortree goes in for the shoot.  Hammortree has a hard time taking down Tavares, but eventually they go to the ground.  They both have very good scrambling abilities.  If Tavares was on the bottom, the next second he was on top.  Vice versa with Hammortree.  At one point, Hammortree had Tavares’ back, but failed to get the rear-naked choke.

2nd round:  Minor exchanges of punches in the beginning.  Then it goes to the ground again, but Tavares kneed Hammortree’s face.  Then it goes back onto the ground.  At one point, Tavares had a Kimura, but failed to follow through.  This whole fight had a lot of ground fighting then stand up.  I prefer more stand up, because I sometimes find ground fighting a little boring.  But this fight was very interesting.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I wasn’t too surprise when the judges called the fight a draw.

3rd fight:

At the beginning of the fight Tavares had really good jabs.  Honestly, Tavares has better stand up than Hammortree.  Once again, Hammortree took Tavares to the floor.  At this time, you can tell that Hammortree is tired and he was just resting or buying time by taking Tavares to the ground.  Fortunately, for Tavares, his conditioning was on point.  Brad kept punching and kneeing Hammortree.  In the end, Tavares did more in this round. (The fight result was 10-9)

Victory goes to Brad Tavares, Team Liddell.

***Tune in to next week episode:  Yager and Ring blows up.  And a controversial ending to that week’s fight put Tito Ortiz in a fit of rage.**


Real Men Dance! April 13, 2010

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This is for my home-girl, H.  She read my review on TUF and she was shocked to see a familiar face on there.  She was talking about none then Chuck Liddell!!!!

I don’t know about you…..but I love it when a man can be confident enough to take his girl out on the dance floor.  Guys these days, are not down with that.  So… my eyes, not only is Liddell a good fighter, but also a real man.  For all you guys that are laughing about it……think about this…..

Guys who can shake it on the dance floor has no problem shaking it in bed.  ‘Nuff said!  This one is for you, H!

This post is just a mini-tribute to my friend, H.

And all you haters and trolls out there….here is a picture for you!

I kid, I kid

Take it easy!


Am I TUF enough for Ortiz and Liddell? April 11, 2010

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What’s up, everybody!

I received a request to do weekly updates on the reality tv show called The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) on Spike TV.  If you have never seen TUF before, it’s kinda like American Idol.  Instead of singing, they are fighting every week.  Oh, just to let you know, there is no voting for your favorite, either.  Here is the trailer:

There are two parts to this show.  The first part is the hungry fighters trying to get a contract with UFC and their stories on why they want to be a fighter.  All the fighters live in a sweet mansion in Vegas.  Sometime, the house resembles a “fraternity” feel to it.  But the real drama is between the two UFC coaches Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell.  I love it when coaches hate each other……let’s just say, the fighters are like pizza and the coaches are a nice full body beer!  I love the drama and the sarcastic banter between the two all-star UFC fighters.

TUF is on every Wednesdays at 7pm Hawaii-time.  Please check your local listings.  The good thing about Spike is that they replay TUF at least once or twice that night.

Unfortunately, UFC website has not issued out the season 11 cast picture yet.  In a couple of days, I’ll be putting an update of all the fighters in TUF.  Originally, I was not planning on covering this show, so I won’t be writing a low-down on the past two episodes that just pasted.  Like always, I’ll do my best to from here on out!

If you want to see all the latest on TUF or the past episodes or this season or all the previous seasons check out their website:

Before I go, if you want to me do any reviews (it can be anything, beer, food, make up, movies, etc.), let me know…comment below or email me at  Or if you just want to say “Hi”, that cool too!  I’ll check you guys laters!