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TUF new Coaches May 8, 2010

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On, they announced the new season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) coaches.

First coach is announced is George St. Pierre (GSP)!  Yes….he is a great fighter and super hot!  But I don’t quite understand what he says most of the time, but I don’t care.  We will see if he is a good coach.  In my opinion, the best coach on TUF, hands down, Tito Ortiz.  Say what you may, but he is really involved with the team and genuinely  wants to help all the fighters.  Plus, any good coach knows that cardio is key.

Josh Koscheck

Paul Daley

Tonight’s UFC 113:  The fight against Koscheck and Daley will determine who will be not only coaching on TUF, but will be fighting against GSP for the the Welterweight belt.  Check out my pervious blog on my predictions on this fight.  In a way, Koscheck could make a full circle if he wins, because he first started out in TUF season 1.  Only time will tell who will the next The Ultimiate Fighter season 12 coach.


You like fight….I come to fight! May 3, 2010

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Undisputed 2010 video game Roll call…..check out all the UFC superstars in this game.  Which one is your favorite?


Whoa, Tito blows the lid! April 26, 2010

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Wasn’t expecting that….per Tito Ortiz’s attorney claims the reason why they were auguring about before the cops where called was because of Jameson’s drug addiction to Oxycontin.  AKA:  Hillbilly Heroin!  Story is still developing on TMZ.

Let the mud slinging begin!


ATL Falcons turning into MMA fighters April 18, 2010

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This season was not a favorable one for the Atlanta Falcons.  They were once in the fore running to the playoffs, but they came a little short last season (9-7).  Instead of doing the same running drills or whatever they do during the off-season training….they have turned to MMA.

Randy Couture

Frank Trigg

Jay Glazer

Jay Glazer, a FOX Football reporter and a avid fixture in the MMA fighting world, teamed up with mega MMA superstars Frank Trigg and Randy Couture to create MMAthletics.  MMAthletics  is a group that helps Professional Athletes incorporate MMA training into their regiment.

Currently, the ATL Falcons are using MMAthletics.  In the program, the Falcons are doing some Muay Thai and wrestling to help with core muscle, hip development and hand eye coordination.  Another aspect the Falcons are learning is the mental discipline that MMA fighters has earned through their tough rigorous workouts.

I guess only time will tell if MMA workouts will benefit the Falcons.  To be honest, training for any Martial Arts will only teach you how to be tougher, faster, stronger (mentally and physically), and focused person.


Calling all Bj Penn Fans!!! April 13, 2010

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If you live on the Mainland and want to meet Bj “The Prodigy” Penn.  Here is his scheduled tour date!

I hope you guys can have the opportunity to meet him.  If you want the latest on Penn, you can check him out of the following:

And no forget about me:


Real Men Dance!

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This is for my home-girl, H.  She read my review on TUF and she was shocked to see a familiar face on there.  She was talking about none then Chuck Liddell!!!!

I don’t know about you…..but I love it when a man can be confident enough to take his girl out on the dance floor.  Guys these days, are not down with that.  So… my eyes, not only is Liddell a good fighter, but also a real man.  For all you guys that are laughing about it……think about this…..

Guys who can shake it on the dance floor has no problem shaking it in bed.  ‘Nuff said!  This one is for you, H!

This post is just a mini-tribute to my friend, H.

And all you haters and trolls out there….here is a picture for you!

I kid, I kid

Take it easy!


UFC 112 UPDATE! April 6, 2010

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Hey Guys!!!  Sorry for late update, but I didn’t have internet for couple of days at home.  Plus, it’s finals time at school… you know how it goes.  Anyways, I wish I could’ve informed you sooner….for Hawai’i Peeps:  UFC 112 will be shown at 7 am.  Yups, I did type A.M.  Nope it’s not supposed to be P.M…well, let me take that back.  So, the live showing will be at 7 am Hawaii standard time.  After that they will replay it at 10 am, 4 pm (but pre-game starts at 3 pm.  Not too sure if they are going to show the under card for free on Spike, like on UFC 111.  If anybody knows…comment below.), and last showing will be at 7 pm.

Well…of course check your local bars….yada yada yada!  And I’ll see you guys laters.  Take it easy!